June is Make Music Month for would-be musicians everywhere

The team behind pBuzz is on a mission: to get as many people as possible to pick up an instrument for the first time – and just play!

It’s all part of “make music month” – to encourage all those who’ve yet to play music to give it a go. The first-time initiative, which is focused on June, is Warwick Music Group’s commitment to encourage would-be musicians and coincides with worldwide activities and promotions such as the celebration of UK-wide BBC Music Day on 15th June, worldwide celebration Make Music Day June 21st June and charity Music for All’s Learn to Play Day on 24-25thJune.

Warwick Music Group is urging people to “pick up a pBuzz and play”. The music company has loaned instruments for free to help people begin their musical journeys in June.

With funding for music education in schools increasingly at risk, the opportunity to start learning a musical instrument is a luxury for many. 37% of UK schoolchildren have never had a lesson on a musical instrument.

It is more important now than ever to place value on learning an instrument, and this June, Warwick Music Group wants to encourage as many aspiring musicians as possible to dedicate June as Make Music Month.

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